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Silkscreen print Pages from a diary, with a postscript by Pierre Restany, 1972-1973, by Chryssa Romanos.

Limited edition hand-signed by the artist and numbered 86 of 120.

Silkscreen prints formed an essential and inextricable part of Chryssa Romanos’ work. In contrast to her usual practice of producing multiple copies of a pre-existing work, silkscreen prints were for Romanos original works that are furthermore more democratic, since numbered copies are financially affordable and therefore accessible to a broader public.

Romanos improvised directly on glass during silkscreen process without relying on draft sketches. With swift and spontaneous gestures, she created fragmentary compositions from images, drawings, and diary entries that contained elements from art, everyday family life, poetry, and politics.

 Besides her own works, she collaborated with many artists of her era in the famed Mec Art Graphic silkscreen printing studio that she maintained along with Nikos Kessanlis and Magda Kotzias below their apartment in Paris.

 The print comes unframed in an eco tube.

Silkscreen print Chryssa Romanos

SKU: 093.1102.001.00.0
  • Artist: Chryssa Romanos

    Artwork: Pages from a diary, with a postscript by Pierre Restany, 1972-1973

    Dimensions: 65 x 50 cm

    Private Collection, Athens

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