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Poster featuring the title of Mona Hatoum's artwork Fix It, 2004, part of the ΕΜΣΤ collection.

The artwork Fix It, 2004, is an in situ installation. Wishing to preserve the memory of an industrial urban landscape in decline, the artist creates a well-defined space using fencing of wire mesh. Within this space, she places rusty factory fixtures and furnishings, cauldrons and other containers, shelf units, lockers, cables, and more. These items had been found on the premises of the old Fix brewery, an industrial building that was renovated to house the ΕΜΣΤ.

Available in 2 dimensions.




Poster Fix It Mona Hatoum

SKU: 000.1501.005.00.2
  • Artist: Mona Hatoum

    Artwork: Fix It, 2004

    Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

    Material: Paper

    Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm eng edition  | 70 x 100 cm gr edition

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