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Poster featuring in Greek the title of Carlos Motta's artwork, Graffiti Cuts: Who Owns the Street, 2007-2009, part of the ΕΜΣΤ collection.

Carlos Motta uses a range of media in his effort to showcase alternative narratives from the perspective of marginalised groups and minorities.

The artwork Graffiti Cuts: Who Owns the Street, 2007-2009 consists of socio-political mottoes graffitied in the streets of 12 cities around the world, as photographed by the artist. According to the artist, such mottoes —in their function as a public protest against social injustice, expression of specific political thought and ideology, or motivation to reclaim public space— give rise to questions concerning the right to free speech and the how and why of interventions into that very public space. 



Poster Carlos Motta Κομμάτια γκράφιτι: Σε ποιον ανήκει ο δρόμος

SKU: 000.1502.002.00.3
  • Artist: Carlos Motta

    Artwork: Graffiti Cuts: Who Owns the Street, 2007-2009

    Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

    Material: Paper

    Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm

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