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Vegan mustard tote bag printed on both sides with Lise Harlev's artwork, I Can Relate To You, 2022.

Part of the special collection created exclusively for ΕΜΣΤ in the framework of Statecraft (and beyond) group exhibition (2022).

Ηandmade from awning off-cuts, waterproof, with long shoulder straps from organic hemp.

Lise Harlev's work uses language to delve into issues like national identity, belonging and cultural norms. 

The artist conceives of bold and often ambiguous sentences, using symbols, motifs and typography found in contemporary graphic design media, such as public signage, banners, billboards and advertisements.

The artwork I Can Relate To You, 2022 presents the voices of two people in an intercultural relationship. In a dialogue between an "I" and a "You", each pair of signs debates the importance of one's native country in a romantic relationship. 

Tote bag I Can Relate To You Lise Harlev

SKU: 000.0504.023.39.0
  • Artist: Lise Harlev

    Artwork: I Can Relate To You, 2022

    Exhibition: Statecraft (and beyond)

    Material: Awning fabric, hemp webbing

    Dimensions: H 43 x L 34 cm

    Care instructions: Machine washable

    Made by: 3QUARTERS