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The fine art print, Mikasa, 2018 belongs to the artwork series intitled A Truth About a Lie  by the artist George Vaviloussakis.

As the artist indicates "...images and objects of mass consumption are the everyday environment of an entire generation and compose a common experience perception, shaping the way we live and influencing ideas and our values. They act as emotional triggers often common to all of us. Through use and habit, they create individual and collective identities and shape our common reality. They tell us a lived story with coherence and uniformity that raises the questioning of rationality and of reality itself."

Limited edition signed by the artist, numbered from 1 to 50.

Each print comes unframed in an eco tube.

George Vaviloussakis Mikasa fine art print

SKU: 102.1102.002.00.0
430,00 €Price
  • Artist: George Vaviloussakis

    Artwork: Mikasa, 2018

    Medium: Fine art paper Rives Shetland Br. White 250gr

    Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm








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