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Bilingual edition accompanying the exhibition Dilek Winchester, A solo exhibition, organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art and presented at the Athens Conservatory from October 31st, 2012 to January 31st, 2013.

Informative texts and color reproductions of the works exhibited are included.

Dilek Winchester

SKU: 000.1202.019.00.0
  • Texts: Murat Cankara, Anna Kafetsi, Yahya M. Madra, Zeynep Oz, Ceren Özselçuk, Dilek Winchester

    ΙSBN: 978-960-8349-73-5

    Number of pages: 92

    Language: Greek, Englsih

    Binding: Soft cover

    Dimensions: 22 x 16.5 cm

    Publication year: 2012

    Publications: ΕΜΣΤ

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