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Handmade black pot made from jesmonite and graphite, topped with a snug cork lid.

A multifunctional container that can be seen in every room of the house and an excellent storing accessory for the little things. It can be used as a flowerpot, storage box or desk organizer and accessory. 

Spyros Kizis creates architectural home products, from ceramic vases, candlesticks and plant pots to wooden chairs.

The designer emphasizes local culture, domestic materials, functionality, contemporary aesthetics and handmade techniques (traditional or not), promoting the philosophy of ethical design.


Handmade pot with cork lid

SKU: 005.0401.001.01.0
  • Material: Jesmonite, graphite, cork

    Dimensions: approximately 15 x 25 x 30 cm

    Designer: Spyros Kizis