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A crossover picturebook by Davide Cali for young readers to discover the secret of happiness!

In the bird's microcosm, illustrated by Marco Soma, happiness is sold in many packages.

Everyone wants to buy happiness in small jars, in large jars and even in family packaging. But after all, happiness is everywhere, even in an empty jar!

Πωλητής ευτυχίας

SKU: 058.1205.012.00.0
  • Author: Davide Cali

    Illustration: Marco Soma

    ISBN: 978-618-5151-85-0

    Number of pages: 32

    Language: Greek

    Binding: Hardcover

    Dimensions: 24 x 34 cm 

    Age: 4 +

    Publication year: 2019

    Publications: Kokkini Klosti Books

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