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This scarf is made from 100% natural fine silk, traditionally handcrafted in Soufli Greece.

The design is inspired by Rena Papaspyrou's artwork, Episodes in Matter, 1980.

Rena Papaspyrou's work could be defined as an aesthetic evaluation of random occurrences on the surface of materials. In this context, the artist collects sheet metal, doors, planks, wall fragments, tiles, dirt, and other urban detritus from the streets of Athens.

The artwork is part of the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Handcrafted exclusively for ΕΜΣΤ by Epicloth.

Rena Papaspyrou Episodes in Matter special edition silk scarf

SKU: 000.0501.009.33.2
  • Material: 100% natural silk

    Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm

    Care instructions: Dry-clean or hand-wash in lukewarm water with mild or no soap


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