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Poster featuring the title of Nikos Navridis' artwork Looking for a Place, 1999, part of the ΕΜΣΤ collection.

The issues put forward in Navridis’ work centre around the never-ending quest for an “existential space”. As the artist observes, “we are always Looking for a Place, no matter how or when”.

The video installation titled Looking for a Place,1999, is a contemplative work focusing on the perpetual shifting of boundaries between people and their surroundings.



Poster Looking for a Place Nikos Navridis

SKU: 000.1502.003.00.3
  • Artist: Nikos Navridis

    Artwork: Looking for a Place, 1999

    Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art

    Material: Paper

    Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm

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