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Sheltered Gardens bilingual publication is the culmination of the homonymous hybrid, visual arts research and exhibition inaugurated on September 22, 2022, at the J. & A. Diomedes Botanic Garden, in Athens.

Featuring more than 35 international artists, writers and performers, the project, curated by Kika Kyriakakou, was inspired by H.D.’s poem Sheltered Garden (1916) and it was unfolded through a contemporary art group exhibition at the Diomedes Botanic Garden in Athens, complimented by a series of performances, an online, digital exhibition and a bilingual, limited-edition publication.

The edition includes original texts, essays and poems dedicated to sheltered gardens, ecosystems and the problematic issues that emerge in contemporary women's gardens as well as rich photographic material from PCAI’s artistic programme in the Diomedes Botanic Garden.

Sheltered Gardens

SKU: 097.1208.001.00.0
  • Editors: Kika Kyriakakou

    Texts: Phoebe Giannisi, I broke the vase, Dimitra Ioannou, Chris Kraus, Kika Kyriakakou, Selina Nwulu, VASKOS (Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis), Fay Zika.

    Design: Michalis Paparounis

    ISBN: 978-618-5553-17-3

    Number of pages: 96

    Language: Greek, English

    Binding: Soft cover

    Dimensions: 22.1 x 16.6 cm

    Publication year: 2023

    Publications: Futura