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Poster featuring a video still of Larissa Sansour 's artwork, Nation Estate, 2012.

The artwork was presented at ΕΜΣΤ in the framework of the group exhibition, Statecraft (and beyond), 2022.

Larissa Sansour investigates the role of myths in history and shows the significance of both fiction and fact for the development of a national identity.

Nation Estate is a sci-fi short film with a mixture of computer-generated imagery, live actors and arabesque electronica, exploring a vertical solution to Palestinian statehood.


Poster Nation Estate Larissa Sansour

SKU: 000.1501.009.00.2
  • Artist: Larissa Sansour

    Artwork: Nation Estate, video, 9’, 2012

    Exhibition: Statecraft (and beyond)

    Material: Paper

    Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm


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