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Greek edition by Grigoris Chaliakopoulos about the story of the great painter with the three homelands, Konstantinos Broumidis. 

His family left Greece during the revolution against the Ottomans to settle in Italy. Konstantinos, son of the Greek refugee Stavros Broumidis, distinguished himself as a painter in Rome. But in the middle of the 19th century, he was forced to leave revolutionary Italy and arrive as a refugee in the United States. There, with his talent, will and unique artistic tenure, he became known as "the painter of the Capitol".

Ο ζωγράφος με τις τρεις πατρίδες

SKU: 026.1205.005.00.0
  • Author: Grigoris Chaliakopoulos

    Illustration: Apostolos Vettas

    ISBN: 978-960-471-131-4

    Number of pages: 60

    Language: Greek

    Binding: Hard cover

    Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm

    Age: 9 +

    Publication year: 2021

    Publications: Kaleidoscope

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